Today’s goals

  • Finish going over Van Gelder and Wilhelm’s paper on extracting motion data from 2D video footage
    • What can we take away from this paper/research?
  • ANSWER the questions: Will you be using a rig? Or geometry? Or an abstract “rig”?
    • How much does this project depend on an animator being able to carry on work?

What I think about is developing a rig that an animator can use down the line. It doesn’t have to be anatomically correct, like the rig used in Van Gelder and Wilhelm’s paper, just a hierarchy of joints that provide control for animation.

Next, I will take data from video analysis, biomechanics, robotics, or mathematical analysis (Fourier) and use this data to establish an initial cyclical movement for the “traditional” rig to obtain a rough walk cycle.

Begin fine tuning parameters to get closer and closer to the video footage. Determine if any of this can be simplified and put into a function (expression) to drive the rig.

  • List milestones with appropriate due dates
    • First milestone: Familiarize yourself with anatomy of horse and quadrupeds in general
      • Go through biomechanics papers on quadruped gaits
        • Find information for joint/segment movements (constraints) from papers
          • Robotics papers
          • Fourier papers
        • Rigging
          • Define rig and traditional rig
          • Rigging practices
          • Tutorials: Digital Tutors, Rigging guides
          • How to script a rig
    • Second Milestone: Prototype
      • In Maya create a simple

One thought on “Today’s goals

  1. What I need to do is start rigging a walker. Something simple with functions from the robotics papers.
    Also, email Tim the papers I’ve found on robotics and their gaits.
    Same with Biomechanics papers.

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