February 6th

I went last Friday to go talk to Huihua again about taking the info from our PLDs (footfall patterns), giving it to him, and producing a system for the quadruped’s locomotion. I still need to gather the footfall data and email it to him.

He did give me data and equations for a biped walker.

I tried implementing it in Maya and found that I really need to be more conscious of how I’m constructing a rig in Maya. Especially being in control of the local orientations. I will follow up with Huihua about this because for the hip position, the function, y = a1*t is not a cyclical function.  so how does this make sense? Maybe the rotations of the joint keep it positioned close to the ground? I’m not sure.

Also, I noticed that Maya has the ability to turn joints into “dynamic joints”. I NEED to follow up and explore this capability.

I’m still having difficulty understanding exactly how I should be tackling my project. How about this:

  • Check out Maya’s dynamics and turning a rig into a “dynamic rig”
  • download and explore Autodesk’s Motion Builder
  • Don’t give up on the robotics papers. Take the functions from the papers and implement them on a rig!

The important thing is to be more patient and think critically as you go.


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