Thoughts from Seth’s Defense

Really check out the physically based approach. Talk to Seth about his implementation using PhysX. He mentioned Weinstein’s “Articulated Rigid Bodies” paper. See what this is about (downloaded onto iPad). Also look at Kokkevis’ paper on Interactive Control Systems, I think…  Also look up “Dynamic Controller Toolkit”

Again, what I need to focus on right now is defining the motion of the horse and getting it to work with a rig. Ok, that’s my thesis, but there’s obviously more.

How can I use the footfall patterns to define the overall rig locomotion? In my notes, I wrote, “focus on the movement of one segment with respect to its hierarchical “parent” (i.e. the ankle motion relative to the knee).

Make sure that Art Directability is included. Seth mentioned that his was intended to be art directable, but that was future work. I need to either have the control options for the user or say that they’re not part of the end goal.

REMEMBER, it’s an 8 hour course. NOT A PHD THESIS!!!


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