Extracting Angle Values

In keeping with the idea of starting simple, I added a second joint segment to the first and animated it by rotation. With this example, the values for the angle range over 180 degrees.

My current method of joint value extraction was through the dot product. I make a vector from ‘joint2’ to ‘joint1’ and another vector from ‘joint2’ to ‘joint3’. I then can calculate the angle between these two vectors, as long as it’s under 180 degrees (pi), this method works:

For the simple example, I animated the second joint segment to rotate with values greater than 180 degrees. This made me realize that my method is not robust enough. It did occur to me that the creature’s joints will not rotate past 180, biomechanically speaking, but in the rotoscope process, you might see values close to or over 180 degrees in the knee and ankle. The following notes describe how I’m accounting for this in my script:

Now I’m going to revise my Extraction.py script and test it on the SimpleTest_02 Maya file.


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