Time Shift Questions Answered

So when I ran the Synthesize script to key the rotation values for the synthesis rig’s joints, I was wondering how to account for the time offset in the signals and make sure that they were synchronized. It’s probably not too clear how I’m doing everything, so let me confuse things ever more.

After the Extraction script (sample the values for each joint’s rotation) I condition each signal. Conditioning or “adjusting” the signal so that it’s characteristic of the raw signal and preparing the signal so that it’s ready for the Fast Fourier Transform. This preparation leaves me with an offset and a time shift. The offset is from me removing the bias of the signal before sending it on its way to the FFT factory. The time shift is from my selection of beginning/end samples for the signal. Once the conditioning is complete, I have an “adjusted” signal ready for the FFT analysis.




The good news is that when these time shifts and the biases are accounted in the Synthesize script, the resulting motion looks nearly correct. However, there’s an offset in the knee signal that requires the adjustment node’s rotation to be tweaked by about 84 degrees. I won’t focus on solving this issue now, just document it and keep going…


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