Front Legs Animated

Above is a gif of simulated locomotion of the front legs for the horse walk. I’m trying to think of a more intelligent approach to generate the right side’s motion (left side was the analyzed side). Above was the brainless approach of computing the same signal for the left side, but manually adding a time shift of 10 frames (10 frames/24 frames per second). Maybe I’ve been staring at this too long, but I can’t think of how to extract this time shift from the earlier analysis. Anyways, I’ll remember this and come back to it, or just leave it for “Future Work”.

What I really want to focus on with this work is determining a mathematical definition for the gaits through analyzing the results of multiple gait analysis. If I look at the shoulder rotation signal for 4 different horses, is there some sort of comparative analysis that can tell me an “average” signal of all of them? I searched briefly and found information on cross correlation and coherence analysis.

I’ll have to check these out soon.


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