Sprint to the Finish


The last day to defend for my thesis is October 12th. Therefore, I need to wrap this project up and write my ass off (along with making one hell of a presentation). Remaining objectives with timelines:

  • Establish User Controls
  • Hip/Shoulder Motion tracking
  • Analyze and Synthesize Horse 1, 2, and 3
  • Compare the results from the FFT
    • Is there enough information to create “general” equations for a horse walk given limb lengths?
  • Develop the mathematical equations for a horse walk (define the rotations for the legs)
  • Answer the question: What good does is the mathematical definition of each joint? What can I do with the results from this analysis?
  • Why is it better to have the math equation when you have to rotoscope the animation anyways? This gives you natural looking animation. The idea is that it provides the animator with a foundation of natural looking animation. Controls need to be established that allow for modulation like time shifts, time scales, etc. but maintain the walk’s synchronicity.

Create the presentation and walk through. Write the thesis paper.

Horse 1 walk analysis

Working on horse 1’s rear legs. As expected, there’s a period of 30 frames for the joint’s rotation signal. If this wasn’t the case, there movement would be out of synch. This whole signal analysis problem makes me think about mixing music. There has to be an interface for manipulating the joint signals and keeping everything in synch that’s similar to audio modulation.

Here’s how I manually select the characteristic signal that will represent the raw signal. I look at the peaks of the signal and jot down the frame where they appear. For the front legs, the overall period was 30 frames. I’m looking for a 30-frame period of the sampled signal that characterizes the overall signal. Then I’ll periodically extend the signal, save it out as an “adjusted” signal and call the FFT to better analyze the frequencies.

Theta 1 Peaks: 69, 97, 129, 161, 191, 221, 251

Theta 2 Peaks: 69, 99, 131, 163, 193, 223, 253

Theta 3 Peaks: 63, 94, 127, 159, 189, 219, 249

Theta 3 Troughs: 87, 117, 151, 181, 211, 241, 273

Theta 4 Peaks: 87, 117, 149, 181, 210

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