Online Resources

Texas A&M Library:

ACM Digital Library:

Equine Journal article:

Links on Horse Locomotion:

Animation Links

Animating Quadruped Links:

Motion Editing/Motion Analysis

Dynamic time warp based framespace interpolation for motion editing:
Principal Component Analysis book:
 ScienceDirect is an incredible database within the system. Just search for it and pull it up.
Good searches at  gait analysis, quadruped gait transition,

Signal Processing Links (python links)

Extending an array in python:

Fourier Series (SOSMATH):

CSV file from list/array in python:

Classes in python:

*** OOP in python:

Iterating with FOR LOOPS:

Finding an element in an array:

Assigning values to variables in a list:

Signal Filtering with Python:

** Designing a Butterworth low-pass filter with SciPy:



Rapid GUI Programming with Python And QT:



TKinter for creating a GUI executable with Python:




cafepy- python types and objects:




Procedural Animation Using MEL (AliJafargholi):

CGSociety, Writing Expressions with MEL?

Expression Animation:

**Experimental Scripting for Animation in Maya:





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